All of our lamps come with double silk shades and three-way stitching. Lamps are available in any of the stoneware glazes or Raku finishes. Lamps average 28′-32″ in height.

IMG_0062                                  IMG_0064

Turquoise and copper ginger jar lamp: $300.00                     Gloss green cookie jar lamp: $300.00

IMG_0065                                    IMG_0067

Green crackle column lamp: $300.00                                       White crackle cookie jar lamp: $300.00

IMG_0072                                      IMG_0074

Emerald Green Lotus Lamp: $350.00                                         Pumpkin Ginger Jar Lamp: $300.00

IMG_0076                                   IMG_0083

Towey Cookie Jar Lamp: $300.00                                            Swamp Landscape Column Lamp: $400.00

IMG_0085                                 IMG_0087

George Orr Brown Cookie Jar Lamp: $350.00                       Yellow Crackle Column Lamp: $300.00

IMG_0082                 IMG_0072

Harolded Round Lotus Lamp: $350.00                                     Pumpkin Lotus Lamp: $350.00


Squash Canister Lamp with flat sides and ridges: $350.00

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